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Air Winches, Air Hoists and Air Motors Manufacturer: YS SafePower

Manufacturer since 1970, our range of pneumatic winches, hoists, and motors have been market-proven throughout the global market.

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Our YS air winches, air hoists & air motors are designed to meet the strict safe lifting standards around the globe. You can rely on the third-party verification and be rest-assured to focus on your core business.

Over decades YS’s brand reputation and products reliability have been market proven by thousands of our clients operating worldwide in extreme environment. Our unique features and innovative approach to safe lifting products are backed with more than 45 years of experience. YS air winches, air hoists, air capstans, air motors and other safe lifting products bring absolute smooth experience to wide ranges of different applications and leave nothing to worry about. Others may imitate our designs and appearances, but they cannot compete with the durability and reliability that we build into each of our products.

Most of our products have been verified by third-party certification authorities including CE, ISO, DNV, ATEX, ABS, and API. In addition, we have a thorough quality inspection process, by following which, can reliable quality be 100% guaranteed and only by following which will the products then carry our YS brand signature. If you don’t find what you need or if you have any specific requirements for applications, simply start a live chat with one of our online support consultant or submit an Email request with the project details filled in the form, our engineers will get in touch with you ASAP.


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