How We Have Managed Atlas Copco Drilling Projects Pneumatic Motors Since 1990

Diesel Engine Air Starters and Air Motors Project With Atlas Copco

Since 1990, we have started a long-term relationship with the Atlas Copco to provide with the drilling rigs associated equipment mainly including the vane and piston pneumatic motors, gear reducers, and turbine type diesel engine pneumatic starters for both above and underground applications.

Step-by-step, we have managed to assist them sorted out the compatibility issues between the vane motors and the Atlas Copco engines, and during the whole process, we have also developed and improved greatly on our pneumatic kelly-spinners, which presented state-of-the-art for its time.

Pneumatic Motors and Air Starters for Atlas Drilling and Rigging

Project Details


From 1990 to 2017 and going on.


  • Drilling Rigs, Above and underground.
  • Heavy Constructions


Atlas Copco Nanjing

Main Work

Matching and providing safe air-powered motors and diesel engine air starters to the large drilling machinery.