Air Driven Winches and Hoists For CIMC Shipbuilding and Offshore Platforms

Air-Driven Winches and Hoists

YS offshore air-driven pneumatic winches are designed to perform in harsh marine environments, where the weather could be damp and corrosive. And in some special circumstances such as offshore gas and oil drilling platforms, it would be imperative to eliminate the risk of explosion. That’s why our offshore pneumatic lifting winches are indispensable and why we have worked together to make it better.

On the ground of our experiences, we have made a number of improvements and added a few additional practical functions to what our client has requested, which including rotate winch base, emergency stop button, ratchet type air winch and super lightweight small portable air winch. Some of these additional features will cost extra but surely they bring with versatility and convenience. Occasionally we also have some used remanufactured air winches for sale,  let us know if you are interested and would like to keep a tight budget. We will be offering the best-discounted price, while you can rely on the same high standard quality and reliability based on our strict and thorough inspections and fully load test process.

We have started to produce the first pneumatic winch in China since 1970, with the help of government-owned laboratory. And we have then step-by-step acquired a number of technical patents, our air-driven winches, hoists, and motors have got verified by most of the worldwide-recognized third-party organizations such as CE, ISO, ABS, ATEX etc. Our engineers and R&D team have learned and grown from the past hundreds of examples. That’s why we say we are able to make 100% tailor-made customization for your specific needs. Here below lists some of what we have done for CIMC Raffle.

  • Specially designed to fit for the extreme offshore environments, rustless and spark-resistant.

  • The air-driven winches utilize the reliable piston air motors, offering precise speed & smooth power control, as well as high starting torque.

  • Some air winches have been modified to use a rotatable base that enables flexible winch body rotation.

  • Double automatic cylinder brakes and the lever emergency-stop button were selected for even better safe operating performance.

  • Verified by the ABS, DNV, ATEX etc globally-recognized third-party certification organizations.

Project Details


June 2014


  • Shipbuilding & Offshore Drilling Platform.
  • Extreme environment.



Main Work

Provide with a variety of pneumatic winches and make specific customization on client’s actual needs.