DNV Pneumatic Winches and Hoists For Singapore Rigging & Shipbuilding Project

DNV2.22 Standard Pneumatic Marine Winches and Hoists

YS offers the widest range of pneumatic winches and pneumatic chain hoists for different applications, the lifting and pulling capacities range from 2,200 lbs (1000 kg) to 22,000 lbs (10000 kg). Based on our decades’ experiences and test, additional specific accessories and functions can be added, and we are able to make 100% customization to our clients’ actual needs. Since 2000 we have acquired the most of the industry certifications from the third-party authorities including CE, ISO, ATEX, API, ABS, ISO etc.

The batch of the air winches and air-powered hoists delivered to Jurong include 2-ton air winches, 3-ton air winches, classic 5-ton air winches and hoists, lightweight small portable air winch, and the pneumatic winches specifically designed for offshore use in DNV No. 2.22 standards. The drum diameter, double cylinder brakes, and the cast-iron drum protectors etc are specially customized to meet the job site requirements.

We have started to produce the first pneumatic winch in China since 1970, with the help of government-owned laboratory. And we have then step-by-step acquired a number of technical patents and got verified by most of the well-recognized third-party organizations. Our dedicated engineers and support team gets you back lifetime whenever and wherever you have problems. That’s why we say we are able to make 100% tailor-made customization for your specific requirements. Check here below to see what we have done for the Jurong Shipbuilding project.

  • Common air winches features include reliable air piston motor, reliable safe lifting power, good spotting capacity, and unlimited duty-cycle etc.

  • Portable lightweight air winches seires weights only 60kg, easily carry and move to wherever you need.

  • Double cylinder brake and drum emergency stop button ensures the 100% safe and easy operation

  • In accordance with the DNV No. 2.22 lifting standards, and production is completed with the thorough inspection.

Project Details


December 2016


  • Offshore Rigging.
  • Shipbuilding and Ship Repairing.


Via CIMC To Jurong Shipbuilding 

Main Work

Providing offshore pneumatic winches and air chain hoists in DNV 2.22 lifting appliances standards