Air Starters – Diesel Engine Air Starting Motors

The air starter motors are the safe power source to provide the initial rotation to start the large diesel engines. Pneumatic starters are used as a replacement for electric motors because of their lighter weight, higher starting torque, and higher power-to-weight ratio. And unlike the electric starters, they can be working as long as their air supply lasts without causing the excessive heat built-up. Built with enclosed cast iron construction, YS’s air starters are highly resistant to corrosion that makes them the ideal choice for working under extreme environmental and working conditions, for example, these pneumatic starting motors are widely used in industrial, marine, and petrochemical applications.

YS offers a full range of pneumatic starters, with years of manufacturing experience through the test, failure, and improvements since 1970, the products including the vane type air starters and the turbine air starters. In accordance with the ATEX regulation, YS’s air starter motors are spark-resistant for both gas and dust environment such as mining, shipbuilding, marine, and drilling etc.

When selecting an air starter for a certain application, how the starter functions, i.e. how it uses air, is an important thing to consider.  The turbine design is considerably more efficient than the vane design, while vane air motors provide an excellent option for starting with limited air volume. Paying attention to the differences between a vane and a turbine starter can get rid of a lot of hassles and unnecessary cost.

  • Vane air starters generates a lot of torque at a low air volume but require increasing amount of air volume to do more work
  • Turbine air motors are used where very high speed but low starting torque are required, they require even air volume no matter how much work is done

These pneumatic starters are pre-engaged starting type, which means, unlike the traditional inertia starter motors, the air starter’s pinion gear is fully engaged with the ring-gear before rotating at high-speed, there will be no collision and therefore offers more reliability when operating in flammable or explosive environments. In addition, we are capable of doing customizations on your specific needs, OEM brand manufacturing is also available. Please feel free to get in touch with our engineers here to have a further discussion and no obligation quote.