Air Powered Pneumatic Chain Hoists

YS pneumatic chain hoists are designed and intended to help you moving and placing objects quickly, precisely and smoothly (travel capability is available by easily mounting them up to the I-beam trolleys). The pneumatic chain hoists offer variable speed control, high starting torque, and adjustable load limiter that is capable of handling heavy loads with unlimited duty cycles. They are powered by the safe and reliable compressed air and built with rugged cast iron, naturally own the feature to be spark-proof, corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free.

A number of additional functions can be chosen to add even more reliability and versatility, like the remote pendant or radio control, additional brakes, and the enhanced passing capability of the trolleys in small turning radius. These pneumatic chain hoists are ideal solutions for working in most demanding environmental conditions, where the atmosphere could be volatile, damp, or even explosive, such as mines, shipyards, offshore and onshore oil and gas drilling, constructions and petrochemical industries.

The lightweight, fast lifting models have load capacities range from 1/4 Ton to 5 Tons, perfectly fit for the repetitive and easy lifting works including workstations, assembly lines, constructions and on-site jobs.

The heavy-duty air chain hoists & air BOP handling equipment offer 5 Tons through 100 Tons lifting capacities, available in standard and low head-room with the integrated hook, providing a variety of flexible solutions to suit your application according to the actual requirements.

Customization is available on your request after we have a clear understanding of your specific needs, the product parameters, and any other details. Simply contact our knowledgeable representatives here if you can’t find what you’re looking for, and we’ll gladly assist you in choosing the best air chain hoist for your needs.