Air Powered Pneumatic Motors (Vane, Piston, Gear and Turbine)

Pneumatic motors utilize the safe, reliable power of compressed air to generate torque and rotational motion. Our pneumatic motors are compact and reliable with high power-to-weight ratios (five to six times that of an electric motor). Featuring instantly reversible, cool running, and explosion-proof, they can be operated upside-down or in any positions and able to withstand the toughest heat, vibration, impact etc. Several different types and designs of the air motors are available to serve a wide variety of different industrial tasks.

The piston motors are ideal for constantly varying loads such as winch and hoist applications.

The rotary vane air motors are the most commonly used air motors for regular operating cycles, designed with a comparably lighter, simpler, and compact body which makes them very easy to maintain and repair.

Gear air motor or turbine motors are more suitable for continuous operation and mass production with none stop, they are typically efficient drives with high-speed range.

YS pneumatic motors are available with a range of different options like gearbox for higher torques and lower rotation speed. In addition to that, we can offer customized air motors and components to meet individual customer’s requirements with our own design and development department. Simply send your request here