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Air Powered Pneumatic Motors (Vane, Piston, Gear and Turbine)

Pneumatic motors utilize the safe, reliable power of compressed air to generate torque and rotational motion. Our pneumatic motors are compact and reliable with high power-to-weight ratios (five to six times that of an electric motor). Featuring instantly reversible, cool running, and explosion-proof, they can be operated upside-down or in any positions and able to withstand the toughest heat, vibration, impact etc. Several different types and designs of the air motors are available to serve a wide variety of different industrial tasks.

The piston motors are ideal for constantly varying loads such as winch and hoist applications.

The rotary vane air motors are the most commonly used air motors for regular operating cycles, designed with a comparably lighter, simpler, and compact body which makes them very easy to maintain and repair.

Gear air motor or turbine motors are more suitable for continuous operation and mass production with none stop, they are typically efficient drives with high-speed range.

YS pneumatic motors are available with a range of different options like gearbox for higher torques and lower rotation speed. In addition to that, we can offer customized air motors and components to meet individual customer’s requirements with our own design and development department. Simply send your request here

  • small air motor rotary pneumatic
    AMP series small pneumatic motors have a extremely compact and lightweight design. But don't get fooled by their small body, the superior power-to-weight ratio makes them suitable for all kinds of tooling and driving equipment with limited mounting space. Built with the robust cast iron, stainless sealed components, and in combination with the virtually lubrication-free design, they can endure all the demanding conditions wherever you need them. These small pneumatic motors are available with a wide range of different configurations ranging in size, gear reduction units, output power, torques, and weight. In addition, a number of flexible options are available on your request to better suit the needs.
    • Max Rated Power: 0.37- 9 kW (0.5- 12 HP)
    • Air Consumption at Max. Power: 750 L/min - 12800 L/min
    • Working Pressure: 0.4 - 1.0 Mpa (58 - 145 psi)
    • Highly-resistant to corrosion and abrasion
    • The rotation is instantly reverisible
    • Stalled under load without damage
    • Simple adjustable torque and output speed
    • Custom build air motors are available with our own engineering team
  • YS’s TMH17 series Piston Air Driven Motors are mainly used for the applications involving high resistance and constantly varying loads, such as lifting with pneumatic winches, capstans, hoists, or as driving part of drilling equipment. These piston air driven motors are in accordance with the requirements of EC directive 94/9/EC (ATEX 100a) to be using in zones where the atmosphere of gas or dust are likely to occur. Featuring extraordinary cooling effect by constantly injected air, reliable and safe operating power, variable stepless speed control, high starting torque, and compact structure, the piston air motors are extensively used in the industry such as shipbuilding, offshore platform, oil and gas drilling projects, and petrochemicals.
    • Max Rated Power: 17.4 kW
    • Air Consumption at Max. Power: 247 L/s
    • Working Pressure: 0.7~0.9 MPa;  Rated Speed With Load: 670 r/min
    • EX II 2G cII T4 Gb certified, Working Temp: -20°C ~ +55°C.
    • Instant Direction Change Of Motor Rotation Without Impact
    • Variable Speed Operating In Any Positions
    • Non-electric sparking and Cool-running Structure
  • Radial Piston Air Motor Side View radial piston air motor2
    YS's TMH8 series Small Radial Piston Air Motors, as a type of pneumatic energy conversion equipment, are ideal for applications involving high resistance and constantly varying loads, such as lifting with an pneumatic winch or high capacity chain hoist application. Featuring spark-resistant and rapid cooling structure, and with the high starting torque and variable speed control, these small pneumatic piston motors can be stalled for long periods without causing burn out or premature wear. The TMH8 series radial piston air motors can be working stably in inflammable, explosive, damp, and dusty environments which make them the solid choice in the applications such as drilling rigs, mining, petrochemical industry, medicine, and oilfields.
    • Max Rated Power: 12.1 kW
    • Air Consumption at Max. Power: 230 L/s
    • Rated Speed: 830 r/min;  No-load Speed: 1800 r/min
    • 5 cylinders arranged radially within a housing
    • Meet the third-party standards (ISO, DNV, CE, ATEX etc)
    • Compact size and lightweight with maximum power-to-weight ratio
    • Adaptable to the extreme environment in demanding conditions.