TMW50QD Air Turbine Starters

//TMW50QD Air Turbine Starter – Engines & Generators

TMW50QD Air Turbine Starter – Engines & Generators

TMW50QD Air turbine starters have the prominent advantages of their compact size and power-to-weight ratio, that weighs only one-third as much as an electric starter capable of producing the same torque. Developed as an easy to install, fit-and-forget solution, TMW50QD air turbine starters deliver smooth operating performance and durability. With the overhung pre-engaged design, and manufactured by rugged cast iron and high-grade aluminum components, TMW50QD air turbine starters are highly resistant to corrosion, which makes them ideal for starting diesel engines, gas engines, and generators for marine and offshore applications.

  • Max Rated Power: 30 kW (40.2 HP) at 1.0 Mpa (145 psi)

  • Air Consumption at Max. Power: 520 L/s

  • Working Pressure: 0.4 – 1.0 Mpa (58 – 145 psi)

  • Highly-resistant to corrosion with rugged cast iron construction.

  • Smooth pre-engagement for limited gear wear and prevent collisional sparks.

  • Continuous even air volume is required to achieve adequate power & torques.
    (Not like the vane type air starter that generates very high starting torques)

  • Customization & OEM branding are available on discussion about the actual requirements.



YS TMW50QD Air Turbine Starter Features


  • Simple, rugged design with compact size and lighter weight (1/3 weight of electrical starter).
  • Powerful air turbine motor generates up to 40.2HP with no lubrication needed for free maintenance.
  • Fully sealed design for use in gas and air applications.
  • Overhung pinion design fits most of the manufacturer’s engines worldwide.
  • Left or right-hand rotation available (Please indicate the direction before placing an order.)
  • Pre-engagement of the gear pinion with the ring gear avoids premature wear and collision.


  • No contamination and highly resistant to corrosion by robust iron cast iron and lube-free design.
  • Pneumatic drive and pre-engagement design remove the possibility of explosion or sparks.
    (ATEX approved level Ex II 2GD c T5 IIB T100°C)
  • Modular motor design shares components with vane air starters to reduce parts inventory.
  • Proven reliability, high efficiency, and durability backed with over 40 years of experiences.


TMW50QD Air Turbine Starters Common Layout – Pre-engaged

Air-Starting System Common Layout


TMW50QD Pneumatic Turbine Starters Technical Parameters

Working PressureMax. Output PowerOutput Gear SpeedOutput Gear TorqueAir Comsumption


Vane and Turbine Air Motors Difference – Performance Curve

vane air starters and turbine air starters differences


Air Turbine Starters Installation Guide

1.When installing and fixing the air turbine motor to the bracket of diesel engines, please note:

  • Keep 3-5 mm distance between output gears and flywheel gears;
  • Keep space of the side-gears within 0.6-1 mm;

2. The drive part and output part of the motor could be adjusted accordingly so as to fit the requirements of different diesel engines.

3. When installing pipelines system, please first clear containments in all pipelines, then fill certain engine oil from motor air-inlet, and at last install the pipelines according to system diagram.

4. During repairment and maintenance, it should be kept clean on site without containments or dust entering pipelines and turbine motor.

diesel engine air starter

The Certification 

Shipment and Payment Terms

  • Generally, the goods will be well packed with the wooden or iron boxes and shipped to your local port via the sea freight, but express delivery is available for small and urgent orders on your request.
  • We accept any kind of payment methods, depending on what is convenient for you.
    Feel free to start a live chat with our support team or Send an Email if there’s anything confused.
shipment details of the pneumatic turbine starters


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