High Capacity Pneumatic Chain Hoists

//Pneumatic Chain Hoists With Trolleys & Remote Control

Pneumatic Chain Hoists With Trolleys & Remote Control

YS’s large capacity lifting Pneumatic Chain Hoists have all the power required to meet the harsh environment operation. Featuring spark-resistant, high speed, unlimited duty-cycle, and precise positioning, they reduce the risk of sparks, and become the ideal choice for heavy material handling in extreme applications,  including mines, rigging platforms, shipbuilding and petrochemical industries. Our YS air chain hoists come in a number of additional extra features including hook mount, trolleys with manual, air and electric drives for mounting on I-beams; overload protection, pendant and remote control etc. 

  • Capacities 250 Kgs To 10 Ton
  • Vane or Gear Type Air Motor
  • Spark-Resistant and with cast iron or steel design (Non-alluminium)
  • Mounted Trolleys With Manual, Air, and Electric Drives 
  • Adjustable Load Limiter 
  • Reliable multiple braking system
  • Less maintainance required
  • Customization Accept



YS Pneumatic Chain Hoists Features


  • Rugged stainless steel construction adaptable to any onshore and offshore environment
  • Compact design and lightweight body
  • Corrosion-resistant load chain
  • Unlimited duty cycle for severe applications
  • Less maintenance, simple inspections, and easy replacement.


  • Suitable for explosive environments (ATEX Certified level Ex II 2GD c T5 IIB T100°C)
  • Adjustable load limiter integrated into hoist body stops lift when the hoist is overloaded.
  • Multiple brakes and the heavy-duty enclosed disc brake provides reliable braking system


  • Easily coupling to the trolleys add additional mobility (optional)
  • Ball bearing mounted bottom hook allows easier, smoother turning with load
  • Vane air motor design for fine feathering control
  • Pendant, Cord, and remote control available for choose


Pneumatic Chain Hoists Key Specifications

Compressed Air Pressure 0.6 MPa
Max Lifting Height 0m – 20 m
Lifting Capacity 0.25T – 10T
Lifting Speed 9.0m/min – 0.5m/min
Lowing Speed 12.0m/min – 1.0m/min
Air Consumption 0.8m³/min – 2.8m³/min
Hoists Weight 90Kgs – 350Kgs


The Certification


6 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Hoists


  • Is it for pulling or lifting purpose? 


  • How much lifting/pulling load capacities do you need?


  • Where do you intend to use the hoists and is there any special requirements?


  • Do you need us to equip with the chain and rope and if yes, how much length do you need?


  • What kind of power is available to you and is there any special requirements?
    (For example, what is your  working compressed air pressure for the pneumatic hoists?)


  • We do provide a number of additional advanced features, simply ask if you have any specific requirements for the hoists performance. (remote control, pendant control, rope guider, added brakes and others.)


Shipment and Payment Terms

  • Generally, the goods will be well packed with the wooden or iron boxes and shipped to your local port via the sea freight, but express delivery is available for small and urgent orders on your request.
  • We accept any kind of payment methods, depending on what is convenient for you.
    Feel free to start a live chat with our support team or Send an Email if there’s anything confused.

air express and sea shipping

Since 1970, our YS pneumatic winches, pneumatic hoists, air-powered motors and diesel engine starters have been exported to over 40 countries worldwide. Recognized as a leading manufacturer, we take pride in our works, our products best quality and durability. Also, our products have been certified to meet the most of the international verification standards, literally proven to be trustworthy.  We take product quality as our top priority, at the same time you can lower your cost by quoting directly from the factory.

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