Air-Powered Offshore Pneumatic Winches

//Air-Powered Offshore Pneumatic Winches

Air-Powered Offshore Pneumatic Winches

YS’s offshore pneumatic winches are specially designed for use on offshore applications or any other hazardous environment. Built using rugged cast iron or stainless steel with compact structure, and with all the additional practical features, they have established the trust between offshore workers, miners, ship-building crews and heavy construction workers around the globe. In addition, our offshore pneumatic winches have passed most of the worldwide-recognized independent third-party standards such as API, ISO, CE, ATEX etc, technically proven to have reliability and durability of the first-class.

  • Capacities range from 2,200 lbs (1000 kg) to 22,000 lbs (10000 kg)

  • Piston Air Motor and Enclosed Planetary Gearbox

  • Cast Iron or Stainless Steel Structure (Non-aluminium)

  • Innovative lever button (Auto-hold when hands-off for emergency incident)

  • Third-party standards and certification (ABS, DNV, ATEX etc)

  • Standard Temperature Range: -10°C – 50°C

  • Provided with filter, lubricant, and regulators

  • 100% Tailor-made Customization Available




YS Offshore Pneumatic Winches Features


  • Rugged compact design stainless iron or steel construction adaptable to any onshore and offshore environment.
  • Winches are equipped with filters, lubricant, and regulators to prevent corrosion.
  • Lugs designed for carrying weight of the winch itself plus a full drum of wire rope.


  • Pneumatic drive and non-aluminum design reduces the risk of explosion or sparks
    (ATEX Certified level Ex II 2GD c T5 IIB T100°C)
  • Adjustable load limiter integrated into the winch body stops lifting/pulling when the winch is overloaded.
  • Multiple brakes and the heavy-duty fully-enclosed disc brake enables smooth operation.
    (Manual drum lever brake, auto-disc brake, cylinder brake, and air-operated emergency stop button.)
  • Rachet/Pawl mechanism prevents it from unwinding unless the ratchet is retracted.


  • Powerful piston air motor has variable speed control, provides strong starting torque, precise positioning and superior reliability in harsh environments.
  • Unlimited duty cycle allows for high efficiency.
  • The air motor working direction can be shifted instantly without any delay to either forward or reverse, which improves controllability of the drum rotation.


Offshore Pneumatic Winches Key Specifications – Custom Available

Rated Working Pressure (Mpa)0.8-0.90.6-0.70.6-0.70.6-0.80.8-1
Rated Pull Capacity First Layer (kN)551050100
Rated Lifting Speed (m/min)12482412

Piston Air Motor Rated Power (kW)Gear Type441730
Air Consumption With Rated Load(L/s)70130130247400
Drum Diameter (mm)140175175222300
Drum Width (mm)155198198335620
Wheel Rim Diameter (mm)230290290465650
Wire Cable Storage (m)4012080120200
Wire Cable Diameter (mm)88815.87524
Air Inlet Diameter (in)3/43/43/4Rc 1 1/4"Rc 1 1/2"
The Air Winch Dimension In Length, Width, Height (mm)400*300*300857*342*440722*342*5301250*770*10161770*1050*1200
The Air Winch Net Weight (Kg)351601755181350


The Certification CE, ATEX, DNV, ABS, API certification verified

7 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Winches


  • Is it for pulling or lifting purpose?


  • How much lifting/pulling load capacities do you need?


  • Where do you intend to use the winches and is there any special requirements?


  • Do you need us to equip with the chain and rope and if yes, what specs & how much length do you need?


  • What kind of power is available to you and is there any special requirements?
    (For example, what is your working compressed air pressure for the pneumatic winches?)


  • We do provide a number of additional advanced features, simply ask if you have any specific requirements for the offshore air winches performance. (remote control, pendant control, rope guider, added brakes and others.)


Offshore Pneumatic Winches Special Customization

YS can provide 100% customized winches for your specific application. Our support team, project manager, and dedicated engineering team are focused exclusively on high capacity pneumatic winches and hoists. From pre-sale evaluation to installation and maintenance. Contact us to build your custom solution today.

Custom-made offshore winches manufacturer


Shipment and Payment Terms

  • Generally, the goods will be well packed with the wooden or iron boxes and shipped to your local port via the sea freight, but express delivery is available for small and urgent orders on your request.
  • We accept any kind of payment methods, depending on what is convenient for you.
    Feel free to start a live chat with our support team or Send an Email if there’s anything confused.
sea freight and express


Dedicated offshore pneumatic winches manufacturer

Since 1970, our YS pneumatic winches, pneumatic hoists, air-powered motors, and diesel engine starters have been exported to over 40 countries worldwide. Recognized as a leading pneumatic winches manufacturer, we take pride in our works, our products best quality and durability. Also, our products have been certified by most of the industry- related globally recognized third-party organizations to meet the most of the international verification standards, literally proven to be trustworthy. We take product quality as our top priority, at the same time you can lower your cost by quoting directly from the factory. Learn more about us

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