TMH8 Small Reversible Radial Piston Air Motors

//TMH8 Small Reversible Radial Piston Air Motors

TMH8 Small Reversible Radial Piston Air Motors

YS’s TMH8 series Small Radial Piston Air Motors, as a type of pneumatic energy conversion equipment, are ideal for applications involving high resistance and constantly varying loads, such as lifting with an pneumatic winch or high capacity chain hoist application. Featuring spark-resistant and rapid cooling structure, and with the high starting torque and variable speed control, these small pneumatic piston motors can be stalled for long periods without causing burn out or premature wear. The TMH8 series radial piston air motors can be working stably in inflammable, explosive, damp, and dusty environments which make them the solid choice in the applications such as drilling rigs, mining, petrochemical industry, medicine, and oilfields.

  • Max Rated Power: 12.1 kW

  • Air Consumption at Max. Power: 230 L/s

  • Rated Speed: 830 r/min;  No-load Speed: 1800 r/min

  • 5 cylinders arranged radially within a housing

  • Meet the third-party standards (ISO, DNV, CE, ATEX etc)

  • Compact size and lightweight with maximum power-to-weight ratio

  • Adaptable to the extreme environment in demanding conditions.



YS Pneumatic Small Reversible Radial Piston Air Motors Features


  • The air piston motor has a high starting torque, can be activated working with loads.
  • Simple structure, compact size, and light weight make it portable, easy to operate and maintain.
  • The direction of air piston motors’ rotation can be changed instantly without relieving the loads and has no impacts.
  • The motors rotation speed and power can be precisely controlled by adjusting the inlet air volume, the speed is step-less adjustable without pause or transition.


  • Pneumatic drive and non-aluminum design eliminate the risk of explosion or sparks.
    (ATEX Certified level Ex II 2GD c T5 IIB T100°C)
  • No heat build up or sparking, the radial piston air motors nature design enables them to be working smoothly in the harsh environment.
  • Can be stalled or overloaded for long periods without causing it to burn out.
  • The overload protection feature automatically reduces the motor’s rotation speed until the load capacities return back to normal.
  • Ideal for use in mining, drilling, paper industry, onshore and offshore oil & gas platforms, and petrol-chemical industry. Commonly used as power-supporting equipment for large drilling machinery.


Radial Piston Air Motors Technical Parameters

Working PressureNo-load SpeedRated SpeedRated PowerAir Consumption

FAQs Before Buying The Radial Piston Air Motors

How to ensure the piston air motor’s compatibility with your system?

  • In which position the air motor will be used
  • Do you need to use the brake?
  • Do you need accessories and components like fittings, tubes, valves, and FRLs?

How do you keep a long life & high performance of the radial piston air motor?

  • Ensure your air quality is in accordance with our specifications, oil or free oil lubrication operations.
  • Keep the recommended maintenance intervals

Which piston air motor is suitable for your application?

  • Will it work in the standard normal environment?
  • Or in the paper industry
  • Or in the food processing industry, in contact or not with food
  • Or in underwater usage
  • Or in the medical, pharmaceutical industries
  • Or in potentially explosive areas
  • Others, please describe your environment


Our Certification

YS has been verified by third-party certifications authorities including CE, API, ATEX, ABS, CCS, ISO etc, please feel free to simply let us know what you need for the radial piston air motors. Get in touch via email here

Shipment and Payment Terms 

  • Generally, the goods will be well packed with the wooden or iron boxes and shipped to your local port via the sea freight, but express delivery is available for small and urgent orders on your request.
  • We accept any kind of payment methods, depending on what is convenient for you.
    Feel free to start a live chat with our support team or Send an Email if there’s anything confused.
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