Pneumatic Bop Handling System

//Large Capacity Pneumatic Bop Handling System

Large Capacity Pneumatic Bop Handling System

YS’s liftchain pneumatic BOP handling systems, just like their names, are the equipment to handle with the BOP stack’s lifting and transversing movements. Typical applications include jack-up rigs, oil fields, and offshore drilling platforms, however these BOP chain hoists are often adjusted to use on shipbuilding, dynamic vessels, and mining applications for the same purpose. These BOP liftchain hoists are built with all steel construction and corrosion-resistant components, also featuring low head room design, pneumatic actuation, remote control, and unlimited duty-cycle, they are trusted by by oilmen, miners, assembly line workers and offshore workers around the globe.

  • Capacities up to 100 Metric Tons
  • Virtually Maintenance-free Reliable Air Motor
  • Low head room available, offering flexibility and max space utilization
  • Load Test By ABS and DNV, ATEX Approved spark-resistant
  • Corrossion Resistant Components and Platings
  • Adjustable Load Limiter and Precise Control
  • High Efficiency by Unlimited Duty Cycle (520+ lifting movements in 24 hours)
  • Pendant or Radio Remote Control Options Available
  • Many Other Options Available For Increased Performance, Customization Accept


YS Pneumatic BOP Handling System Features


  • Rugged stainless steel construction adaptable to any onshore and offshore environment
  • Corrosion-resistant components, load chain, and plating
  • The unlimited duty cycle for labor-intensive industry such as industrial assembly line.
  • Virtually maintenance free, designed as the fit-and-forget solution


  • Suitable for volatile environment where the atmosphere could be spark-prone or even explosive
  • Multiple reliable brakes including the automatic brake integrated into the BOP handling equipment body prevents the accidental drop, and stops lift when the hoist is overloaded.
  • We do not use extra chains for enhancing the lifting capability which is definitely unappropriated method and inevitably leads to potential risks.


  • The YS air BOP handling equipment offers lifting capacities range from 25 – 100 Metric Tons
  • Great starting torque generated by powerful high-capacity vane air motor, allows starting with loads.
  • Available in standard and Low-headroom configurations, lifting heights can be optimized.
  • Pendant and radio remote control available for better visual operation
  • Available with the clevis and shackle attachment or bottom hook


Pneumatic BOP Handling System Key Specifications

Compressed Air Pressure 0.6-0.8 MPa
Max Lifting Height 9 m (29.5 ft)
Lifting Capacity 25 – 100 Metric Tons
Lifting Speed 0.8m/min – 0.5m/min
Lowing Speed 1.5m/min – 0.9m/min
Chain Size  16×45 mm – 22×66 mm
Net Weight 800Kgs – 4400Kgs


The Certification

Shipment and Payment Terms

  • Generally, the goods will be well packed with the wooden or iron boxes and shipped to your local port via the sea freight, but express delivery is available for small and urgent orders on your request.
  • We accept any kind of payment methods, depending on what is convenient for you.
    Feel free to start a live chat with our support team or Send an Email if there’s anything confused.

air express and sea freight shipping

Since 1970, our YS pneumatic winches, pneumatic hoists, air-powered motors and diesel engine starters have been exported to over 40 countries worldwide. Recognized as a leading manufacturer, we take pride in our works, our products best quality and durability. Also, our safe lifting products have been authentically certified with numerous international verification standards, literally proven to be trustworthy.  We take product quality as our top priority, at the same time you can lower your cost by quoting directly from the factory.

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