TMH17 Piston Air Driven Motors With Brakes

//TMH17 Piston Air Driven Motors With Brakes

TMH17 Piston Air Driven Motors With Brakes

YS’s TMH17 series Piston Air Driven Motors are mainly used for the applications involving high resistance and constantly varying loads, such as lifting with pneumatic winches, capstans, hoists, or as driving part of drilling equipment. These piston air driven motors are in accordance with the requirements of EC directive 94/9/EC (ATEX 100a) to be using in zones where the atmosphere of gas or dust are likely to occur. Featuring extraordinary cooling effect by constantly injected air, reliable and safe operating power, variable stepless speed control, high starting torque, and compact structure, the piston air motors are extensively used in the industry such as shipbuilding, offshore platform, oil and gas drilling projects, and petrochemicals.

  • Max Rated Power: 17.4 kW

  • Air Consumption at Max. Power: 247 L/s

  • Working Pressure: 0.7~0.9 MPa;  Rated Speed With Load: 670 r/min

  • EX II 2G cII T4 Gb certified, Working Temp: -20°C ~ +55°C.

  • Instant Direction Change Of Motor Rotation Without Impact

  • Variable Speed Operating In Any Positions

  • Non-electric sparking and Cool-running Structure



YS TMH17 Piston Air Driven Motors Features


  • High starting torque up to 17.4 kW (23 HP), well-suited for tasks where the motor must start under load.
  • The direction of air driven motors’ rotation can be instantly reversed without relieving the loads.
  • Robust Construction, Typically oil-lubricated, And well-suited to high resistance or constantly varying loads.
  • Precise variable speed and output power control can be implemented by adjusting air inlet volume and pressure.
  • A number of additional components can be equipped with the piston motor, such as planetary gear reducers, brakes, and remote pendant control as options.


  • Pneumatic drive and non-aluminum design offer explosion-proof operation under hazardous environment.
    (ATEX Certified level Ex II 2GD c T5 IIB T100°C)
  • Non-electrical sparking risk and no heat built-up by the nature of the pneumatic motors
  • Can be stalled or overloaded for long periods without causing extra permanent damage.
  • Piston air driven motors withstand wet, humid, dusty, explosive, and inflammable condition
  • Ideal for use in mining, drilling, pump drives, onshore and offshore oil & gas platforms, petrol-chemical industry, and power-supporting equipment for large drilling machinery.


Piston Air Driven Motors Technical Parameters

Working PressureNo-load SpeedRated SpeedRated PowerAir Consumption


Our Certification

YS has been verified by third-party certifications authorities including CE, API, ATEX, ABS, CCS, ISO etc, please feel free to simply let us know what you need for the radial piston air motors. Get in touch via email here

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